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Lazy Susan, wine barrel top lazy susan.

Lazy Susan, wine barrel top lazy susan.

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Wine barrel lid lazy susan. I reinforced the barre top with an extra wood support on the bottom for added security so the lid slats will not separate. Reinforced with wood glue and nails. Bottom has felt pads so it won't scratch services. Sanded and sealed with wood wax/oil. Made to set decor or food (in dishes) on.

I would not put directly on board, it might be hard to clean in the cracks and grooves.

I have two boards available, both very similar. Different due to the nature of the reclaimed wine barrel. Photo might be slightly different depending on what board you get.

Care and Maintenance: Do NOT fully submerge in water. Not dishwasher safe. Gently wipe clean and apply cutting board safe wax or oil every few months.

Approx. 24"
8 lbs
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