Good Dog, Dog Biscuits

Making homemade treats for you four-legged friends is cheap and easy. Your pups will love these treats. I adapted this recipe from the Oregon Humane society’s published recipe a few years ago. Enjoy! Print Recipe Good Dog, Dog Biscuits Homemade Dog Treats Course Dog Treats Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 60 minutes Servings Ingredients […]

Blackberry Mojito

Summer Time Happy Hour. Wild Blackberry Mojito. Now is the time to pick those fresh wild blackberries! ┬áDon’t forget the mint, limes and your favorite white rum. Invite the neighbors. Print Recipe Wild Blackberry Mojito Prep Time 5 min Servings Ingredients 2 oz Rum4 Lime Wedges12 Fresh Mint Leaves6 Fresh Blackberries2 tsp Sugar1 oz Soda […]

Diann’s Death By Chocolate

Diann's Death By Chocolate Cake

Gluten Free Death by Chocolate Cake. Print Recipe Diann’s Death By Chocolate Over the years many people have said their Mother was a good cook. Mine is not a good cook, she is fantastic! She should have been a chef but, instead she chose to be my Mom. I recently remarried and she prepared a […]