Hanging Rope Shelf

All you need is a drill!  You can make this shelf in any size for any room.

Items needed to build shelf:

(3) 1in x 8in x 3ft pine boards

Rope of your choice.  I used rope from Lowes.

Sand paper – sand boards as needed.

Drill with bit just larger than size of rope.  You want the rope to feed through easily but NOT too loose. When tied in knots should hold the shelf securely.

Tape Measure


Hooks to hang

Stain or paint of choice



After I sanded the boards I stacked all three on top of each other so I can drill the hole in the exact same spot on each board. I measured about 1/4″ in on each corner to drill the holes for my rope.


Stain and let dry completely before assembling.

Rope length depends on how high your hanging your self.  Make sure to allow plenty of rope to make each knot at the bottom of each board. This takes a lot patience and measuring, and leveling.  Measure distance you want between each shelf  to estimate where each knot goes.  I worked down from top to bottom leaving extra robe for last minute adjustments.  Knots are loose enough to make leveling adjustments once the shelf is hung. Trim off extra rope if needed.