Mosaic Bird bath

A few years ago I found this plain, very basic bird bath that was perfect for me to mosaic. I’m so happy with the way it turned out.  I found most of these tiles, glass beads and glass at garage sales.

Photo Jun 22, 7 08 25 PM

First step is to glue on all the tiles. I used this clear Silicone from GE that I got from Home Depot to glue on the pieces.  It’s good for indoor or outdoor projects.

Photo Jun 22, 7 08 11 PM

After the tiles are set and the glue is completely dry (let dry at least 48 hours)  you can grout.   Allow a few hours to grout. You cannot start grouting and finish later, once you start to grout you need to finish, depending on the size of the project it can take a few hours.  This piece took me about 2 hours to grout.  I used a “Bright White” pre-sanded grout from Home Depot.

Photo Jul 24, 11 01 32 AM

Mixing grout isn’t hard but you could end up adding too much water, so start slow.  Add small amounts of water each time, mixing in between. You want to end up with the consistency like a thick apple sauce, not too wet or runny.  Wait about 5 minutes after grout is mixed before applying it to your piece.  I used plastic gloves, it gets messy.

Photo Jul 24, 11 26 25 AM

Cover the whole piece well getting into all the tiny grooves and spaces between the tiles. Slather it on like your icing a cake.  Let it dry for about 10 minutes.  Then come back with a ‘grout sponge”.  Wet the sponge and start wiping off the excess grout.  Keep rinsing off your sponge in between wiping until you get the majority of the excess grout away.  If you find that too much grout is wiping away with your sponge then stop and let the grout dry again for another 5-10 minutes, then come back to it.

Photo Jul 24, 12 06 33 PM

After you get all the extra grout wiped off let the whole piece dry a couple of days.  Then apply a “grout” sealer.  This helps protect the grout from cracking and getting discolored.  Follow the instruction on the sealer. I ended up putting two coats on this piece because it’s going to be outside and in the weather.

Photo Jul 29, 12 35 25 PM

Finished Piece!

Photo Jul 31, 9 21 00 AM