DIY Fireplace Makeover

fireplace wall art

Our first big project in our new house was to do something with this awkward “big” hole above the fireplace. I did not want to put the television in the space. I felt it did not work with the room layout and I thought it would be too high to view. The space is large and deep creating a challenging way to make it look nice. Rather than getting creative with décor I just decided it would be better if we just covered it up. I wanted a fairly inexpensive way to “fix” this space. My husband and I decided the easiest and least expensive option would be just to cover it up. Here is the before photo.

before finished result

I wanted a “shiplap” look. We found these pine tongue and groove boards at Home Depot. We used 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft boards and a nail gun.

beginning process of the project

beginning process of the project

Sides are finished off with ¼ pine, nailed on top of boards.

Side view, we used wood fill to fill in side holes and the nail gun holes. Once dried I painted with interior paint that matched my existing fireplace color.

progress shot

Finished Product: